SM Entertainment Headquarters, a K-POP landmark

As K-POP becomes more global, many people are looking for tourist attractions, such as famous landmarks that appeared in K-POP MVs or entertainment headquarters where singers directly cultivated their dreams as trainees. For global tourists, this post introduces the location, transportation, and SM pop-up store KWANGYA located in the basement of SM Entertainment Headquarters.


SM Entertainment Headquarters

Location: 83-21 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

SM Entertainment Headquarters was formerly located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, but it moved to Seoul Forest Station in July 2021. It is a landmark that represents Seoul Forest Station, as it is written “SM Town” under Seoul Forest Station.

SM Entertainment Headquarters as a K-Pop tourist attraction

Unlike JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, which require prior permission to visit, Seoul Forest Station is a citizen cultural space, so visitors can freely enter the permitted areas. SM Entertainment was one of the first entertainment agencies to start offline business in 2015, and it has been actively communicating with fans through offline spaces. It is the largest entertainment headquarters that K-Pop fans can visit most easily.

When you enter the office building of Seoul Forest Station, SM Entertainment uses 15 of the 20 floors, so it is almost SM Entertainment’s building. The basement is home to SMTOWN & STORE KWANGYA, which was moved from DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza).

he office building of Seoul Forest Station

How to get to the SM Entertainment Headquarters at Seoul Forest Station

The SM Entertainment Headquarters is connected to Seoul Forest Station and the subway station, so it is recommended to visit by subway.

  1. Search for “Seoul Forest Station” on Google Maps.
  2. Select a route.
  3. Enter the nearest subway station from your location as the starting point.
  4. Follow the route and transfer as needed.
  5. Exit at exit 5 of Seoul Forest Station.
goolge map how to going seoul forest station

EX)How to get to SM Entertainment Headquarters from Myeongdong Station


Location: Basement 1, Seoul Forest Station, Seoul Forest Station

Hours of operation: 10:30 am – 8:00 pm

The SMTOWN & STORE KWANGYA is an offline store operated by SMTOWN.

It is easy to find because it is directly connected to the subway station. When you enter the entrance, the KWANGYA store decorated with beautiful light sticks welcomes visitors.

Goods and albums of artists such as NCT, aespa, and Girls’ Generation are displayed from the entrance, and official cheering sticks and signed CDs can also be purchased.

It does not take long to look around the store (about 30 minutes), so it is not recommended to visit the SM headquarters just to visit the KWANGYA store. It is recommended to tourists who want to enjoy Seoul Forest Station along with the feeling of visiting the practice site of their favorite artists.

SM Official Online Store Click!

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