Review of 2 Years of Taking Generic Propecia Copy Pill, Finalo (feat. Side Effects)

After 5 Years of Hair Loss Medication, Having Taken Propecia for 2 Years, I Switched to Finalo Due to Difficulties in Obtaining the Medication Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Now I’m Sharing a 2-Year Review. Based on Having Taken Both Propecia and Finalo, I’ll Provide a Detailed Post on My Experience with Finalo.

Finalo, generic Propecia Copy Pill

Side Effects of Finalo (Generic Finasteride)

In the realm of hair loss prescriptions available after a diagnosis in South Korea, Propecia is the medication most encountered by those seeking generic alternatives. I, too, initially began my journey with the generic version by opting for Propecia through overseas channels. Subsequently, I switched to Finalo and have been consistently taking one pill daily for about two years. To cut to the chase, compared to when I was taking Propecia, I have not noticed any distinct differences in terms of side effects. The primary effect of Propecia, which is slowing down the rate of hair loss, seems to be maintained with Finalo.

As medications have a variable impact on individuals, it’s essential, of course, to closely monitor any changes in your body and sensations during the initial week of consumption. If any unusual reactions arise, immediate consultation with a medical professional is imperative. However, from my own perspective, I can affirm that I didn’t encounter any side effects while on Propecia, and the transition to Finalo posed no issues for me.

Manufacturer of Finalo (Generic Finasteride)

When considering a generic alternative like Finalo for Propecia, one crucial aspect to examine is the manufacturer. Given the challenges of conducting in-depth verification of foreign pharmaceutical companies within the domestic setting, I recommend utilizing Google searches to scrutinize the scale and history of the company.

Manufacturer of Finalo: INTAS PHARMA

INTAS PHARMA is the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in India, founded in 1977. With a workforce exceeding 10,000 employees and exporting medications to over 100 countries, it stands as a prominent entity in the industry. Their website reveals an impressive global presence, with 13 manufacturing facilities in India and 4 in the United Kingdom. For those who feel uneasy about medications from smaller pharmaceutical companies, opting for Finalo from INTAS PHARMA is a recommended choice.

Visit INTAS PHARMA’s Website

Manufacturer of Finalo INTAS PHARMA

Differences Between Finalo and Propecia

Both Propecia and Finalo are essentially generic versions of finasteride with the same active ingredient. However, there are slight differences between them. Finalo comes in slightly larger packaging compared to Propecia, with each pill being about 1.5 times the size of a Propecia pill. This results in a slightly more convenient feeling when taking one pill at a time


Conclusion of Finalo (Generic Finasteride) Usage

After a two-year period of consumption, I have not noticed significant differences between the effects of Propecia and Finalo, and the positive effects of the hair loss medication have been maintained. However, since individuals can react sensitively to medications, it is essential to consult a medical professional if any unusual symptoms occur during the course of consumption

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