IVE is collaborating with Pepsi to release a new song

Pepsi and their agency, Starship Entertainment, recently unveiled the second concept photo of IVE members Jang Won Young, Lee Sae Rom, and Lee Chae Young for the “2023 Pepsi Campaign” through their official social media channels on the 4th of July at 7 PM.

 Jang Won Young

sourced by STARSHIP Ent. Twitter

IVE’s Jang Won Young, Lee Sae Rom, and Lee Chae Young Stun in New Pepsi Campaign Photos

The released images capture Jang Won Young, Lee Sae Rom, and Lee Chae Young striking poses against a backdrop filled with Pepsi, illuminated by bright neon lights. Their dazzling visuals and adorable smiles instantly captivate attention, perfectly showcasing their sleek all-black styling. The three members exude an elegant charisma under the vibrant fireworks, further enchanting global fans. Their intensified gaze and confident energy combine to create a fascinating presence, evoking a thrilling sense of anticipation for their new song.


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Prior to this, Pepsi and Starship sequentially revealed the concept photos showcasing the diverse charms of IVE as the chosen partners for the “2023 Pepsi Campaign,” building up excitement for the release of their new song “I WANT” on the 13th of July.

ive with pepsi

Notably, following the collaboration of member Ahn Yu Jin with Pepsi in 2021 and Jang Won Young and Lee Sae Rom in 2022, this year’s partnership between IVE as a complete group and Pepsi has generated even hotter responses from global fans.

Anticipation is growing to see how IVE, heralding the glamorous return of the “Summer Queen” through this special collaboration with Pepsi, will captivate fans with their unique charms.

When can we expect the next release from IVE?

IVE’s new song, “I WANT,” in collaboration with the “2023 Pepsi Campaign,” will be released on the 13th of July at 6 PM through various music platforms.

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