Hanteo Chart Authentication Chart Technology and Introduction Reason

Hanteo Chart includes various data such as albums, music, SNS big data, and Whosfan mobile activity index, but the most important factor is still album sales. Therefore, there have always been inquiries about the Hanteo Chart album sales tracking method, and it is constantly evolving for a more fair chart tracking.

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HATS (Hanteo Chart Patent Technology) Development

Hanteo Chart developed its own technology called HATS to create a “authentication chart” that certifies purchased albums with a QR code in order to improve the credibility of the chart.

HATS stands for Music Copyright Genuine Certification and Chart Reflection System. HATS technology was patented on January 17, 2019, and registered on June 17, 2021.

  • Albums (genuine certification card is provided to the copyrighted work)
  • Buyers authenticate the genuine product with a mobile app
  • This is reflected in the Hanteo “authentication Chart”

In addition, the certified chart is reflected in the Hanteo Global Chart in real time based on GPS.

According to an article reporting the intermediate results shortly after the introduction, K-pop albums were purchased in 100 global countries, and the percentage of buyers who have certified genuine albums has exceeded 50%.

Intermediate results article


The meaning of Hanteo Chart authentication chart

The meaning of Hanteo Chart authentication chart is that K-pop fans can support their favorite artists by authenticating the albums they purchase, and most importantly, they can help create a transparent and fair K-pop chart with Hanteo Chart.

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