2023 Deciphering NewJeans’Enigmatic Positions: A Fan Perspective

NewJeans: Embracing Versatility Over Defined Roles

NewJeans” does not have official positions. According to producer Min Hee-jin in an interview, they prefer not to limit members to specific roles like ‘Main Vocal,’ ‘Main Rapper,’ ‘Sub-Vocal,’ or ‘Sub-Rapper.’ Instead, they plan to allocate parts to members based on the concept of each album.


Fan-Perceived NewJins Positions 1

However, fans have perceived NewJeans’ positions based on their activities as follows:

Fan-Perceived NewJeans Positions 1:

  • HANNI – Main Vocal
  • HAERIN – Main Dancer
  • DANIELLE – Lead Vocal
  • HYEIN – Main Rapper
  • MINJI – Leader

Fan-Perceived NewJeans Positions 2

Fan-Perceived NewJeans Positions 2:

  • Center: HAERIN
  • Leader: MINJI
  • Main Vocal: HANNI
  • Sub Vocal: DANIELLE
  • Maknae (Youngest): HYEIN

NewJeans: A Rising K-Pop Sensation Breaking Traditional Roles and Taking the World by Storm

Meanwhile, NewJeans have secured their position as the top girl group in Korea, according to big data analysis results in August, solidifying their status as the next-generation leading girl group. They recently completed their successful performance at Lollapalooza 2023 in the United States, further establishing themselves as global stars.


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